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    Unanswered: Please help, shell script program

    Someone please help, this is my last assignment and I just want to get this class done with. Anyone with help, is greatly appreciated. Sorry, I really do not understand this stuff. I just want to be done with all of this stuff. For some reason, I just dont get programming, I guess some people get and and others just don't.

    : : Here it is:

    : : 1) Create a script called scores2, which will work from any users home directory. (cp scores to scores2 and modify)

    : : 2) The output file will be written to the directory “test”. The program scores2 will run out of a directory call “project”. Verify that these directories exist. If not end with an error 3.

    : : 2a) Verify that you are running the program in the project directory (current directory). If not end with an error 4.

    : : 3) The script will have 1 argument, which will be the file to write data to. (Example: cis129 or cis229).

    : : 3a) Verify that the filename has no more than 6 characters. If it has more than 6, shorten the name to the first 6 characters the user entered.

    : : 4) It will check the number of arguments and exit with an error 1 if the argument is not equal to 1.

    : : 5) All file and directory names will be saved in a variable at the beginning of the program. (Don’t forget about 3a)

    : : 6) The program will prompt to enter the person’s name (first and last name).

    : : 6b) Add any number of test scores. Program will need to check for the completion of entering the test scores. Example: Enter test scores or hit enter to continue. (Hint: value or Null)

    : : 7) The program will check to see if the person already exists in the file. If so, you will loop back around and prompt the user if they wish to (Q)uit (error 2), (W)rite over the existing record (hint: you would delete record (hint2: write file without person in it) and write new record.) or enter a (N)ew name. The program will NOT continue until the user has type in 1 of the 3 valid choices. Allow for both upper and lower case letters (Q or q). There will not be any duplicate names in the file. (Using Case)

    : : 8) The program must average the multiple test scores.
    : : (Using Case)

    : : 9) The program will use the average test score to calculate the grade. (See table 1 below)

    : : 10) The output will be the person’s name, average test score, total number of tests and grade.

    : : 11) The program will sort the file by the highest to lowest average test score and display it to the screen.

    : : 11a) The program will output a header for the “file” before displaying to the screen. (See example 1 below).

    : : You will not be marked down for formatting but will get extra credit for correct formatting.

    : : Please help me, I just want to finish and get done with this stuff.

    : PSSS: I forgot to say, we are using shell script. You know the easy stuff, the stuff that I can't seem to learn.

    PSSS: Forgot one other thing, I am using the bourne shell(sh)

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    This forum is of course helping people learn and improve shell scripting skills. But don't you think passing on all of your home works is a way far from the scope of this forum? Any comments??

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    I dunno, i guess, but when you have and idiot for a teacher, when your father has just died, and the idiot teacher will not give you any help, what am i supposed to do then?

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