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    Angry Unanswered: system temporary table spaces

    "Error: SQL1585N A system temporary table space with sufficient page size
    does not exist. SQLSTATE=54048
    (State:54048, Native Code: FFFFF9CF)"

    I got the above error.
    Then i checked and created a temp. tablespace of pagesize 32768. Because there is a table of that size.
    But still the error is persisting.

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    You probably should create a temp tablespace for each page size (4,8,16, and 32). That way when a temp table is created, whatever page size DB2 decides it needs, there will be a tablespace for it.



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    I'm not sure if tablespaces of all sizes are needed. The 32K pagesize should be able to accomodate the row lengths and number of columns that a 4,8,16K can accomodate.

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