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    Unanswered: access 2002 slow on wan link

    We have an access 2002 database and we are trying to access it over a wan link. It is very slow. It takes about 25 seconds to open up outlook. Is there anything that I need to check or do that will help speed this up? I have checked the database and it looks good. It is not very large because it was just created.

    Any assistance and/or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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    I had a similar problem here in Brisbane. 13 users over a LAN and one user over a WAN. LAN users had no problems but WAN user was too slow for business operation.

    I split the db into frontend-backend for the WAN user, keeping the forms/reports/switchboards etc on the local machine at the receiving end of the WAN. By using link tables, I accessed only the data over the WAN.

    This works well.. only considerations being:

    1. I keep a hard copy of the front-end on the server in case the WAN destination drive crashes.

    2. Forms heavily populated with data can take some time to open, but once open they operate quickly for search, add, edit.

    3. If using Windows XP, front-end needs to be saved somewhere that all users of that computer can access it (e.g. in All Users). Desktop shortcut must also be saved in All Users or re-recreated for each user.

    This solution also worked well when 2 x LAN users converted to Office XP whilst the others remained on 97. I again used the front-end solution on their local machines with link tables so that the db didn't convert to AccessXP prohibiting re-open by 97 users.

    You can also consider including a 'Compact' command in the exit procedure for when the db size increases, but this will seldom work if there are other users attached.

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