Hi, I hv this matix situation in SQL Server. I am using MS Access as front end.

How could i implement this situation ?

Table: Const_brk
Fields: DbContract pk
item_no pk
Title pk
in table data is like:

dbcontract item_no title quantity
1 89 Roadway 10
1 89 Bridge 20
1 89 Ground 30
1 90 Roadway 10
1 90 Bridge 20
1 90 Ground 30

Now user is entering data in this format(in old system and they want the same entry format):

roadway bridge ground
89 10 20 30
90 10 20 30

i hope i convey you my problem. if i didn't please let me know. I think it is some matrix situation.

data is in row but i want to capture or display in columns.

Thanks for time and cooperation.

Waiting for reply.