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    Unanswered: Formatting reports

    Setup: using Access 2003 to modify a Access 2000 file

    New to this form. Access programming is not my strong point.

    I would like to format a report I have so that the output has the look of a spreadsheet (i.e. the rows and columns are separated by lines). I have figured out how to put a line between the rows but I can not figure out how to separate the columns in such a way that when the column is multi-line the separater "grows" with the output. I have tried chisel and the like but you get varying sizes for each column of the row depending on how many lines the column contains.

    Can anyone help me? Do you understand what I am asking for?


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    I've used the report wizard to create these types of reports. In the layout part of the wizard, you can select "Block". This will at least save you some formatting time. Doing this manually takes serious patience.

    Then, set the appropriate text box properties to "Can Grow".

    It won't be exactly spreadsheet like, but pretty close.

    Hope this helps.


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