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    Unanswered: Report: The Months Sorted BY Month?

    I have a query chart that prints out some statistical data--everything is fine, but the months are grouped by 'months' and not chronologically...(EG April 2002, April 2003, April 2004, May 2002, May 2003, etc etc)

    I have played with the following:

    Date By Month: Format$([Advocacy_Single].[Date],'mmmm yyyy')

    I tried to change this to
    Date By Month: Format$([WRC_Advocacy_Single].[Date],'yyyy mmmm') But the order remained the same...

    Did a few things actually...obviously missing something?

    Anybody smarter with this stuff than me?


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    you could group by year, then month in the order by clause...

    ORDER BY YEAR([date]), MONTH([date])

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