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    Hi all,
    I have a form that linked to an exsisting query. I have to do some operations on the form ,like to set 2 to all the records of field X.
    I did that with recordset and movenext each time.
    the problem is that each time I call the function,I see the record moved in the form,
    I mean that I set 2 to X1 ,No I see X2 ,X3...
    Is there any way to go over all the records in the query like an array with out to see the loop steps in the form.
    I need something like for loop on an array.
    best regards...

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    My I ask what your application for this is? I don't think you can scroll the recordset without scrolling the form. I would do this using an update statement if at all possible. What sort of layout do you have that yuou're scrolling through all of the records to set them to identicle values?

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