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    Smile Unanswered: Pleeeease need help in SQL Server Database Hosting?

    I am using a SQL Server 2000 Database for the purpose of development.

    Now I want to host the SQL Server2000 database in the internet and I want to access it via the ASP.Net

    1) Please, what is the best server that host SQL Server databases?
    2) And Can I control the database remotely(such as execute srcipt to change table structure in the hosted database) as I did in Query Analyzer?
    3) Is the administer of the hosting server able to change the strucure and contents of My Hosted DataBase?

    Please send me an example if you have

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    SQL Server is available as a database option from many hosts. I have used and (both are very good), and currently host several sites myself on windows servers as well.

    Your host will set up a database for you, and then you can use Enterprise Manager to access and manage the database remotely over the internet.

    You can get a copy of Enterprise Manager by purchasing the Developer's Edition of SQL Server for about $50.

    Access to manage the database is controlled by SQL Server authentication...

    Access to the database via your scripts is done using standard SQL Server Provider or ODBC statements.


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    Your best bet is to find a reliable host offering Windows 2003 Server, which is the most stable server OS from Microsoft so far.
    You can control your database remotely through Enterprise Manager, Query Analyzer or through a web interface.
    The server administrator can change the structure and the content of your database, so be careful when choosing your hosting provider .

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