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    Question Unanswered: Record Count

    Hello there people,

    I am trying to set up a couple of fields that will count the number of records on a form. (This together with some custom navigation buttons will help the users here see things a little clearer when they are moving between records).

    I have used the code below and there are 5 records in total, but when the form is first opened the field [navRecNo] contains "1" and the field [navRecCount] contains "1". It's only when you go to the next record, or go to add a new record that the [navRecCount] actually contains the true number of total records, i.e. 5.

    Am I missing something here??


    Private Sub Form_Current()

    Me.navRecNo = Form.CurrentRecord
    Me.navRecCount = Form.RecordsetClone.RecordCount + IIf(Form.NewRecord, 1, 0) & " "

    End Sub

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    To get the recordcount for the form, you need to put the recordsetclone in a DAO recordset.

    Dim rstRcdCnt AS DAO.RECORDSET
    SET rstRcdCnt = Me.RecordsetClone
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    This is normal behavior for some types of cursors.

    If you absolutly need a correct RecordCount do this
    if not (rs.bof and rs.eof)


    end if

    But keep in mind if you have a huge recordset this will degrade performance somewhat.

    If the Recordset object supports approximate positioning or bookmarks—that is, Supports (adApproxPosition) or Supports (adBookmark), respectively, return True—this value will be the exact number of records in the Recordset regardless of whether it has been fully populated. If the Recordset object does not support approximate positioning, this property may be a significant drain on resources because all records will have to be retrieved and counted to return an accurate RecordCount value.

    The cursor type of the Recordset object affects whether the number of records can be determined. The RecordCount property will return -1 for a forward-only cursor, the actual count for a static or keyset cursor, and either -1 or the actual count, depending on the data source, for a dynamic cursor.

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    I do this a fair bit because often I have the nagigation buttons/arrows removed.

    Pick a field where there is an entry for every record, perhaps an ID number you use or a surname field etc.

    Put an unbound text box on the form and for its data source



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