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    Question Unanswered: Oracle Replication Latency?


    I intend to do a Multimaster replication. There are about several million records which have to be replicated. I am concerned about the time duration that will be required for this replication.Can anybody provide me with the average time required for replication of about a million records?

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    It depends on the row width as well as the speed of the network between the 2 databases. Once configured and running (normally), Oracle only sends that columns/rowid from the row that changed ... Not the entire row of data. My experience has been very favorable with performance of "pushing" trx's ... Especially if set up with parallel pushes...

    The initial hit with joining a master to the replication set can be somewhat time consuming ... Offline all small rollback segments and have a LARGE rollback segment online.


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    If you can replicate 278 rows per second, you'll be done in 1 hour.

    I bet your system can't run that fast. Using a db_link (but no replication) how long does it take to copy rows from your local db to the remote db? Do the following "INSERT INTO test@remotedb SELECT * FROM test WHERE rownum <= 50000;" That's a 5% sample of your 1,000,000 row table. So, take the result time and multiply by 20 to get a rough estimate.

    Replication has overhead. It will take longer than simple copies.

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