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    Dear Friend,
    I'm in a problem during my work. I have to generate serial no.s for each record retrived by a SQL statment with some filter expression specified by a WHERE clause. Can u tell me how can I do it.
    Let the query is of the form:

    SELECT emp_name, dept_code from emp_tab where dept_code='D1'

    please modify the sql such that the output looks like:

    sr_no emp_name dept_code
    1 John D1
    2 Rebeca D1
    3 Evan D1

    If u can solve the problem it will be better if u plz send be the soln. in my mail account

    - Bitan Kr. Kundu.

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    The simplest answer (by far) is to let the client synthesize the numbers itself. This is ugly in most database engines, and it is provided as a built in feature of many server access libraries.


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