I have a problem related to the results, returned by sp_replcmds. In SQL Server 6.5, sp_replcmds returns the field command as a varchar, whether in SQL Server 2000, the same field is varbinary. Can I convert this value from varbinary to varchar so that I may execute it on SQL Server 6.5?
I have tried:
SELECT CAST(0x5600000005007B00430041004C004C0020007300700 05F004D00530069006E0073005F0043004F004E00540044004 F0042005F00490053005400200028003F002C0020003F002C0 020003F002C0020003F002C0020003F0029007D000E0000002 E0032003000300034002D00300034002D00320037002000300 030003A003000 AS varchar)
SELECT CONVERT(varchar, 0x5600000005007B00430041004C004C002000730070005F00 4D00530069006E0073005F0043004F004E00540044004F0042 005F00490053005400200028003F002C0020003F002C002000 3F002C0020003F002C0020003F0029007D000E0000002E0032 003000300034002D00300034002D0032003700200030003000 3A003000)
but it doesn’t seem to work because it returns just ‘V’.

Thank you, in advance, for your help,