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    Unanswered: 2 Versions of Access on same machine

    I have an AccessXP app that I distribute throughout my office. That APP is launched via a VBScript that checks the currently installed version on the local pc against the version on the network. If the versions are different, then
    the script copies the network version to the local pc.

    Recently, on one of the pc's, someone else created a shortcut to open an
    Access97 database (both versions of Access are installed). Now whenever the user launches the VBScript to open my app, it automatically launches Access97. Is there a way to force it to open AccessXP instead?

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    "That APP is launched via a VBScript"

    Using a shortcut, you can specify the location of access you want to open and then the database you want to open.

    For example the target can read...
    "C:\Program Files\Microsoft OfficeXP\Office10\MSACCESS.EXE" "C:\Myfolder\MyXPdatabase.mdb"

    or "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office97\Office\msaccess.exe" "C:\Myfolder\My97database.mdb"

    If you can open the app with a VBScript, I would guess you can also send parameters, such as the instance (path) of Access.exe to open.
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