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    Unanswered: Wrong results with pdssyb10.dll

    I am using Crystal reports 7. I get right results with ODBC driver (pdsodbc.dll); but wrong results when I use Sybase System 10 driver (pdssyb10.dll). I tried to find the version of my pdssyb10.dll.... I cant even find the dll in my local (C) drive.

    But, I find p2ssyb10.dll (version C:\winnt\crystal.

    My questions:
    1. Why am I getting wrong results with pdssyb10.dll?

    NumberVar Disability := 0;
    StringVar IssueCode := {KWS_PMK_810.ADJ_CODE}[1 to 1];
    if {KWS_PMK_810.COV_CODE} = 'DIS' and IssueCode = '0' then
    Disability := Tonumber({KWS_PMK_810.PAY_AMT}) + Tonumber({KWS_PMK_810.WTHHD_AMT});

    On the report, I print sumof@Disability

    2. Where is the report picking the pdssyb10.dll from?
    3. Should my report be using p2ssyb10.dll instead of pdssyb10.dll?


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    I found the answers to my questions myself. If anybody care, here they are:

    For question 1:
    The way pdsodbc.dll and pdssyb10.dll were behaving when I was sending the smalldatetime value in this format "2004-04-01 23:59:59" was different.
    pdsodbc.dll was sending only ""2004-04-01 23:59" to the stored proc. But pdssyb10.dll was sending the whole thing ie. "2004-04-01 23:59:59" to the stored proc. So, I was getting different results.

    For questions 2 and 3:
    Crystal reports uses pdssyb10.dll in 16bit operating systems; where as p2ssyb10.dll in 32 bit OS. I was using NT4.0, so my report should use p2ssyb10.dll. But the report was erraneously showing me the name pdssyb10.dll, but it was actually using p2ssyb10.dll. I found this information somewhere in this group.

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