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    Unanswered: Informix Migration 7.3 to 9.4 across OS


    We are in a process of finalizing migration path for our informix database. Current version is 7.3 FC5. We are also moving our operating system from Alfa Dec to Sun Solaris. I would like to know wheather following things are possible or not and which one is the time saving process.

    1) Migrate entire database from 7.3(Alfa) to 7.3(Sun) and then upgrade to 9.4 on Sun machine.


    2) Install Informix 9.4 on Sun machine (Target),create system tables and empty database by bringing database online. Then export table by table from 7.3(Alfa) directly into 9.4(Sun) using LOAD utilities.

    I would like to know the best method that we can use for above migration.

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    The first option is not possible, the second one is possible. But why not do the following:
    A) Create empty database on 9.4
    B) Run script with sql made with dbschema of complete database
    - Only create tables part
    C) Define connectivity between two servers
    D) Put both servers in unlogged mode
    E) remote select and insert
    F) Create indexes, views, constraints etc on new db.

    This may take some extra preparation, but the migration time is less.


    Rob Prop

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