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    Unanswered: Store time data as 24 hours format

    Hi, i'm using oracle 8i and i'm wondering how to keep the time data as 24hours format in a date data type...

    I'm using asp to do the insertion...Please help...

    i know i can do something like this :

    TO_DATE ( '7:30' , 'HH:MI')

    but this is not in 24hours can i achieve that?

    one more thing, if i use the TO_DATE function, i get this in the database:

    4/1/2004 7:30:00 AM

    how can i do without the date??
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    you need the mask 'HH24:MI'

    you can't store just a time in a date field, when you select it you would to_char(date_field,'HH24:MI')
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