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    Question Unanswered: Toolbar help

    I made a custom toolbar and I am having troubles with it. I found out some more info from the help files in excel. My macros are not the problem (I origonally thought that they were updating), what is happening is in the custom menus I have made up. The macro that I assign to a button is updated when I save it as a new file name. For example

    The original assigned macro for the button "2 Lane - Horizontal" in the Traffic program was


    But after I draw the road that I need, I saved it as 318.xls ( that is the section of road I am needing the plan for). The next time that I open Traffic, and go to use that button again (it only does it on the buttons that I previously used), it wants to open 318.xls because the assigned macro on the button is

    'D:\Documents and Settings\Master\Desktop\318.xls'!twolaneh

    All of the buttons that were not used to make up "318" when I was drawing it are still the way I assigned them.

    Is there a way that this can be made to stop updating the assigned macro for a button in "Traffic" but update for "318", so it works in both without the need to open a second file?

    Thanks for your help

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    Like with your other post, use Control Toolbox buttons and add your code sheet specifically. That way the code is boiund to the button, not the other way around and therefore, no file references to change.



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