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    Unanswered: equivalent to Informix/DB2 "synonym"

    Hi all. Informix and DB2 support something called synonyms that allow you to basically create sort of an alias for a table at the database level. Think of it sort of as a shortcut or link to a table. Does SQL Server 2000 have a similar ability and if so how?

    I know someone will ask why you want to do this, so heres a quick example:
    If you have one legacy application that expects to write to one particualr table, but you wish to partition that table across several tables, you can break table1 up into tablea,tableb,tablec and then create a synonym called table1 that would point to only the appropriate table at the appropriate time. This way you can break a huge HUGE table up into logically discreet smaller tables and manage the creation of the appropriate synonym in some wrapper that sits in front of the legacy application...thus allowing you to retool a table that has outgrown its original design without having to crack open dreaded legacy code.

    So, anyone?

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    For the most part, you can do this with a view. There are some limitations, but that's the closest thing I can think of at this hour.


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