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    Question Unanswered: Attaching Tablespace to a database


    I have created a schema on a seperate tablespace(.dbf file). I would like to know if it is possible to attach this schema to another database. For example in SQL Server you can attach the .mdf file and .ldf files to create new database(schema). Is this sort of method possible in oracle and if so how??

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    depending on the version you can use transportable tablespace feature ... for the manuals

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    Other than a Transportable tablespace... each tablespace is mounted to a given database. If you are looking to be able to view the data in a specific schema from another database, look at db_links ...

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    >I have created a schema on a seperate tablespace(.dbf file).
    Contrary to the statement above, a schema does NOT "reside" in any particular tablespace. While certain objects owned by the schema may reside in a specific tablespace, some/much of the critical information regarding this schema resides in the SYSTEM tablespace. So the short answer is "NO", you can't do anything close to what you asked about.
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