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    Wink Unanswered: How to Do this .............

    I drop one column "userId" from Database (Oracle) then i add a new one "empNo" on it but when i try to align it can but when i close and start again it come back to the old alignment....
    Example :::
    old align :: empName, empAdd, empNo, empPassword,empNo
    new align(which i want) :: empNo, empName, empAdd....................

    problem is i try to align in the new alignment but when i restart the toad all the alignment go back to old one ...
    Can i set alignment ??
    I am using the oracle 9i and toad.....

    Please help me ....
    From newBie
    <i hope can see the replay as soon as possible>
    Thank for the help ......

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    No. The position columns within a table is irrelevant anyway - your code should not rely on that. If you really want, you could drop and recreate the table. Or you can create a view that puts the columns in the desired order.

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    <you can create a view that puts the columns in the desired order.>
    How to create the view ??
    I ask alot of people but they say oracle 9i can not is that posible to do it on oracle 10g??

    How to set the primary key for the column using toad or sqlplus ??

    Is oracle Database unix version is free ??
    Is that difficult to learn unix ??
    (Can someone recommend me some reference or note and which version of unix is good for newbie like me !! thk)
    Where can i get all the list of the command when run the unix system ??
    (web site)
    From newBie..................

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