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    Unhappy Unanswered: how to backup MySQL DB

    Hey guys,

    i'm new to mysql. currently i have a database with 2 tables in it. my database name is malibu_udnerconstruction. the problem now is that i wan to do a backup on the database, but i don know how to do it. can any1 pls help me?

    many thanks,

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    use mysqldump to dump the entire data and table structure.
    if you just need to save the data you can do that by using the --no-creaete-info option.

    Edit: Sorry I had originally put --no-data where it should be --no-create-info option
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    As Guelphdad mentioned, you can use the mysqldump command, here is an example:
    mysqldump --opt --host=localhost --user=myUser --password=myPass --result-file=C:\Backups\myBackupFile.sql myDatabase

    in this case "myDatabase" will be your database name "malibu_udnerconstruction"

    Also, if you are new to mysql there are many tools that can help you with the backup process. Take a look at MySQLBackupFTP ,the interface is very friendly and the tool has good features like file compression, ftp, and mail notifications.

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    alejandro, thanks for your effort, but please do not revive a thread that has been dead for so many years

    the original poster is surely not still waiting over seven years for an answer, and if there's anyone else who has a question about mysql backups, we want them to start a new thread | @rudydotca
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    Seven year old thread Revived
    Please make any check such case not going to happen again

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