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    Talking Unanswered: Merge Replication problems

    Greetings all...

    I am trying to patch up a merge replication situation, and I have
    1. configured Distributor & publisher
    2. created a publication
    3. created a subscription.

    The subscription (on subscriber server) status=sucdeeded; Details=The initial snapshot for publication is not yet available.

    When I go to snapshot agent (on publisher), it is saying: Status=Failed
    Detail = The process could not bulk copy out of table 'contB22652175F9A4388BC64D1B43C8E8B30'.


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    This will sound crazy, but the first place I'd check is disk space availability, replication can use a lot of space, in particular when creating the initial snapshot.

    How big is the database that the publication is based on ? how much of the total db will the publication contain ?

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