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    Arrow Unanswered: Trucated resultset using jConnect5.5

    I am usiing Sybase Adaptive server enterprise 12.5.1 (evolutoin version)
    and jConnecet5.5 jdbc driver to connect database from my java application.

    In a table(say, EaiLog) I have column 'EaiMessage varchar(4000) '.

    I am inserting data into this column using my application. But when
    I am trying to fetch the data from the table(using jdbc) its getting truncated.

    query : "SELECT EaiMessage FROM EaiLog"

    But when I am using the same quey from the Sybase Central's SQL Advantage Its showing the complete column value.

    I am not sure if this behaviour is anything to do with the jdbc driver or
    database itself.

    Please suggest, if you smell something from this description.

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