I have been struggling with this issue for a while now, hopefully someone can offer deperately needed help

I have created a VB 6.0 application that accesses an Access97 database using DAO3.6. Service pack 5 has been installed My problem is with displaying data reports. Everything works fine on the development pc, however when I distribute the app. (using package and deployment wizard) SOME other machines will not display the data reports. error = Failed getting rowset(s) from current data source

Having experimented with this issue for quite some time now I've gathered a few bits of information. If I distribute to machines running Windows 2000 everthing seems work. Distributing to Win XP machines the error returns. Distributing to a Win XP machine with VB Studio installed seems to eliminate the problem.

My DataEnvironment uses Jet 4.0 and I open the report with the following code

Private Sub CmdSignup_Click()
End Sub

Every other aspect of the application works fine on all machines. It's just the data report that's causing me headaches.

Does anyone have any advice??? Thanks