We operate on a 24x7 Schedule so both shifts don't start on the same date. The shifts go from 6:45 amto 7:15 pm for shift 1 and shift 2 goes from 6:45pm to 7:15 am, so the problem I am having is capturing the information for the 2nd shift. I do have a start date time and an enddate time that comes from a field in one of my tables, it is one field that is called Date (string). The whole report as it stands now comes from 3 tables. I found another table that has Shifts defined in it so I added that table to my report and hoping that I could calculate the times by using it.

Right now without adding the other table the report comes out and gives me information that looks like this Example:

in the Report Header:
Dept Name
FordaysWorked from 02/10/04 to 02/14/04

GroupHeader#1PractLName: TherapistName

Details: Date @DailyPercentage

Groupfooter#1:PractLName ProdAvg: @MonthlyPercentage

My current Parameters are BegDate EndDate (Based on a Date Field) and TeamName(this shows which Lead they are assigned to)

Then the report shows up like this:

Dept of Rehabilitation
Fordays worked from 02/10/04 to 02/14/2004

Jane Doe Dates worked Daily Productivity
02/10/2004 30.18
02/11/2004 38.45
02/13/2004 9.36
02/14/2004 36.27

Productivity Avg: 28.57

When I try adding the other table and just add the shift in as a parameter or just put it in my details my report pulls up nothing. But if I remove it then I will get the information as stated above. But I need to compensate for the different shift times that span 2 days. We are on a MediserveClient SQL server backend. I use Crystal Reports 8.5. The reports I am using are canned reports I can save them and customize them to my needs but I don't have control of the pre-filled values that are already in the tables used by the customized reports. Can anyone please help.