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    Exclamation OMG I need help!

    1st off I want to thank anyone that takes time to reply my stick. OK heres my big mission..... I have an EXCEL spreadsheet that is an inventory with about 15 fillable blocks. This spread sheet due to regulation has to be the exact size and the frames have to be exacly in every page.
    I issue and recieve new equipment all month long and have to put everything in alphabetical order which is alot of work. Now i want to create a database where I can put all current material and as the material comes in or is issued is filled into a specific sheet (excel) and if the 15 blocks to put the info in are full to start a new page. I need certain data in certain fields. Also the name for equipment has to be in alphabetical order. I need ideas fast!!! Please help.
    "WarFighter" I have attached picture of spreadsheet!!!!!!!!!
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