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    Unanswered: Contact management DB Design

    I need to design a db for contact mnmgt. Issues i need to address are transfers of capital, cc list which are related to specific types of trans actions : buy cc guy 1, sell cc guy 2

    Anyone have any idea about a sight that may have designs of databases that i can work of f?

    I looked at the contact db in access and thats a little to simple..

    I have never designed a db before, so i want to get as good of an idea as i can

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    There are plenty of shrink-wrapped contact management systems available. I'm sure you could also find inexpensive Access-based applications if you do a web search.
    I developed one in Access 2.0 (10 years ago!), but custom databases are usually address specific business needs and requirements, and thus do not transfer well to other businesses.
    If it's not practically useful, then it's practically useless.

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