Ok... This is a tough one for me. We are having a problem merging data from MS Access into a Word document when user specified parameters are involved.

We have a word document that contains labels (similar to shipping labels). Each label field is designated by data fields that pertain to data coming from a Query in a Microsoft Access Database. The query contains user specified parameters, which used to ask the user to specify information for the parameters when the query was merged into the Word document. This used to work just fine in Microsoft Office 2000, but the problem arose when we upgraded to Office XP (2002)

When we upgraded to Office XP the word document, understandably, lost it's connection to the database. I imagine that the issue lies with in the reconnection. Here is the issue:

I am unable to merge a query from within an Access Database that contains user-specified parameters. I have reconnected to the database using ODBC DSN data source from within WORD. When I open the data source it asks me to select a table. At this point if I select a query with user specified parameters it fails and I only get two fields out of the query which do not exist in the query: M_ and M_1. However, if I select a query that does not have any parameters requesting specification, then the merge comes in ok.

Apparently (since long before anyone can remember how the database connection was set up, and long before I was around), after the point at which I select a query with parameters requesting specification, a module should come up in word and ask for information for each of the parameters.

Also MS Query is no help, as I can't make these kinds of specifiable parameters in the queries in MS Query.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there something else I need in order to get these parameters to work?

I'd greatly appreciate any help!

Thanks a ton in advance for any advice,

PS.... Nice forum you got here.