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    Unanswered: Microsoft Access

    I have a query that I am using a parameter value, but in the report by default it prints the first date found in query when I call that field.

    Between [Type the beginning date 00/00/0000:] And [Type the ending date 00/00/0000:]

    so I created the following line in my report to print the first date and the last date and it works for the first date but not the last date in the report:

    ="Repair History" & " " & Format$([DateClosed],"mmmm yyyy",0,0) & " " & "Through" & " " & Max(Format$([DateClosed],"mmmm yyyy",0,0))

    but this only gives the largest date on the first page.

    Please help!!!

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    That seems a bit odd.. So you end up with LARGER values in subsequent pages then what's displayed in Max(dateclosed)?

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    Microsoft Access

    The max value displayed is the largest date on the first page which is 2003 but I have date in 2004. Therefore it should show month 2004.

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