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    Unanswered: database splitter

    Im in access 2000 sp3.

    I imported and excell file that i want to break into database tables,

    I tried : &Tools &Analyze Table

    i select next 3 times (going through the wizard using the defaults)
    and on the 4th next my access program completely disappears!

    Hmmm whats goin on here?????

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    What is the problem now? Could you import the Excel file?
    You want to split the imported table (say 2000 records) into small tables say 5 tables each wiht 400 records. Is that true?

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    2000 recs comming in 100 colums, I was trying to get the analyzer to split the xl file into 5 tables 20 cols 2000 recs each.

    I moved the file to my laptop with 2002 access and it worked,,

    The wizard didnt even come close to what would have been a good design so i did it myself

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