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    Unanswered: Autonumber question

    I have a recordset with autonumber. I never usually htis function so I have a stupid question. In this record set, employees can enter new records. There are 3 required fields. If they do not have the three required fields, it complains obviously. The reason I have the required fields is because I don not want the record saved in the set if they decide not to keep the record. So my question is. I change my mind on record 2 and it does not save, it still advances autonumber to record 3. Is there a way to keep this at record 2 or is this unavoidable???

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    This question was asked a bit earlier today as well.

    Autonumber creates a new field IMMEDIATELY when the new record is created. One workaround is to use unbound text fields and have the user append the record via command button. This allows you full control over field constraints before it even hits the db, without creating unnecessary fields.

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