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    Problem with the old database-please help

    Hi everybody,
    I have an old database which I need to view or at least convert to Microsoft Access.
    It consists of files:

    I have found an information in :
    Clarion DOS Database Key File
    The .DAT file is usually associated with .K## (##=numbers) key files that are indexes into the data. There may also be a .MEM memo file. This is a structure used by DOS versions of the software. If the .K## files are not available and are not automatically rebuilt you can use the oldest DOS version of Clarion Professional Developer to build them.
    I have tried to find this Clarion DOS Database but no luck
    I am newbie in databases so I have no clue what I can do more.

    Can anyone give me any idea and help?

    Greate thx

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    Google is your friend!

    You can find more information about Clarion at their web site.


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    It looks as Clarion v.2.1 to me ... it was ran under DOS.
    *.mem are memo files, *.dat files hold data and .k* files are indexes. Therefore, concentrate onto *.dat ones.

    I worked with it 10 years ago and memories are in mist somewhere, but I *think* that you can NOT extract data unless you install Clarion. There is an option in developer to unload data into a (text) file which could be then imported elsewhere.

    Installation came on a few floppy disks if I remember well, so - if there's any kind of a trial Clarion program for download, it won't take much time to grab it

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