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    Unanswered: Urgent:AllPages to Datapages


    I am having partition table GlAccounts. we have clustered index on this table.
    Currently allpages locking schema on this table. When I change the locking schema from allpages to datapages will my query result set order change.

    Is it only affect the aggregate query's/

    Could any one please help me in this.

    Thanks in advance.

    Arun N.

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    Clustered Indexes and Sorting - While Sybase has never recommended it, some applications take advantage of the inherent sorted state of data in ALLPAGE locked tables with clustered indexes. ANSI requires the order by clause for data that is required to be ordered, but, as stated, some applications used clustered indexes to their advantage.

    In DATAROW and DATAPAGE, the concept of a clustered index is not the same and the ordering of data is not guaranteed. Therefore, any table using one of these lock models requires that order by clauses be used where data order is an application requirement.


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