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    Talking Unanswered: SQL Server Replication

    Is it possible to increase the replication size of tables from 250 columns. I currently have 3 tables of the DB that are 350 plus columns. (No ididn't design this DB, I know the meaning of a relational DB). Replication stops at 250 columns so I can't repliciate to different instances of SQL.

    Could any body advise me of a work around on this? A third party software would ba acceptable.

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    Ok, this solution is uglier than sin itself, but I think it will work for transactional replication, and it might work for other forms too.

    Create N distinct views of the offending table, each one with the primary key columns and somewhere around 200 of the other columns. Make each of these views into an article. Subscribe the target table to each of the N publications.

    The down side is that all of the non-key columns in the target table need to allow NULL values, because when each "chunk" of replication arrives at the target the remaining columns will be left NULL. That means that you'll have to script the table, remove any NOT NULL attributes, then copy all of the data over before you start replication (to kind of "prime the pump").

    Just as a forewaring, I haven't tested this. You need to triple check it on a test platform before you put it into production.


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    SQL Replication

    Thanks Pat

    That will work, will give it a try . I will keep This solution as a last resort, because this will the reconstruction of the table at the other end could be a tad messy. But cheers

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