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    Hi Everybody and thanks to all who try to help me.
    I've a big problem with a ASE 12.5 Sybase db. I try to update or insert some fiels with a big String (+- 40 K). These String is composed with HTML code. The " are under \ of course. I'm doing a good query (tested), but when I launch my SQL Query, instead of my informations I've some "?" . When I update (or insert) ligther String (+-5K) It works perfectly.
    Of course these fileds (in the db) is a text field.

    Thus I deduce than the problem is the size of my string...

    But I don't find any solution to solve that...

    Thanks in advance for help.


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    The reason you see ? is because the local client does not know how to display the character that is supplied from the server.

    There is certainly some disparity in the charset that the server is using to that of the client charset. Either the client does not have that Locale or completely missing the charset for conversion.

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    Why when I update with a short String, it working??? And this is the same string but troncated!!!!

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