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    Question Unanswered: Quik Question on OPening a Form

    when i open the database, i got it so that a form pops up, But i want it to show the next blank form not the number 1 record (the form allready filled in)

    Also how would i make a button the saves or stores the form once completed and will go to the next record

    awaiting your answer spank you very much in advance

    (I cant believe i ate the whole thing)

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    Advancing to the next record once the form is completed is a bit tricky. You could either alter the way "tab" behaves on the "last" control. I think I would do it entirely programmatically in the onenter event of the last control. Write some code to evaluate all of the fields for null. If all of them pass, then move to the next record and the current one will be saved in the process.

    As far as opening the form to a blank record, trying setting the forms "dataentry" property to true.

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