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    Unanswered: pro*c bind variables

    i'm required to optimize some previously written pro*c code. i'm new to pro*c, but very fluent in c. this segment kinda confuses me:

    int my_int = 0;
    EXEC SQL DECLARE my_cursor FOR
    SELECT *
    FROM my_table
    WHERE my_col = :my_int;
    if (blah)
    	my_int = 1;
    EXEC SQL OPEN my_cursor;
    EXEC SQL FETCH my_cursor into :blahblah;
    notice that my_int is conditionally assigned <after> it is used in the my_cursor declaration. if blah is true, will it affect results of the fetch?

    thanks for the help.

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    No, you can put any value into the variables and every time you use the FETCH statement it will be changed to the database field value, ie:

    int i;

    i = 10; /* i value is 10 */

    cursor declaration...
    cursor open...

    for (;
    if (SQLCODE)

    fetch cursor into :i; /* it changes i to the field dabase value */
    printf("%d", i); /* print the value of the database field */

    i = 11; /* now i = 11 */
    printf("%d", i); /* print 11 */

    close cursor...
    free cursor...

    I hope this help you.

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    i am afriad you completely misunderstood my question.

    please review the code i posted. notice at the time of the "declare cursor" statement, my_int is 0. but at the time of the "open" and "fetch" statements, my_int could be 1. will this affect the results of the fetch?

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