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    Red face Unanswered: Listener - refused connections


    I am using Oracle on Solaris 8. Database is running in Shared Server mode.
    Sometimes "lsnrctl services" shows refused connections = 40. Users are not able to connect to DB for a while. If re-tried then works fine.

    Why is it happening? Whats wrong with the setting.

    I've posted my "init.ora" & "listener.ora" files in my earlier postings with subject "ORA-1003 & 12518" for your reference.

    Please help, its becoming really hot on me now.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I would suggest a look at this page
    it has info on tuning the number of dispatchers you are setting up to handle user connections. One thing to note as they mention in the docs, simply adding more dispatchers is not always the best answer... pay close attention to the POOL and MULTIPLEX options too.

    Hope this helps


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    So you are getting TNS-12518: TNS:listener could not hand off client connection ?

    Your best choice is to switch on the listener trace and see why the handoff is failing.


    clio_usa - OCP 8/8i/9i DBA

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    Thanks JoeB & clio_usa.

    I am going through the link right now. But here is the result of listener.trc as asked by clio_usa.

    [03-MAY-2004 21:05:51:218] sntpcall: hdl[IR]=50, hdl[IW]=49
    [03-MAY-2004 21:05:51:219] nsbeqaddr: doing connect handshake...
    [03-MAY-2004 21:05:51:219] nsbequeath: doing connect handshake...
    [03-MAY-2004 21:05:51:222] nsbequeath: NSE=0
    [03-MAY-2004 21:05:51:222] nsbeqaddr: connect handshake is complete
    [03-MAY-2004 21:05:51:223] nstimarmed: no timer allocated
    [03-MAY-2004 21:05:51:223] nsclose: closing transport
    [03-MAY-2004 21:05:51:223] nsclose: global context check-out (from slot 37) complete
    [03-MAY-2004 21:05:51:249] nsopen: opening transport...
    [03-MAY-2004 21:05:51:249] nttcnp: Validnode Table IN use; err 0x0
    [03-MAY-2004 21:05:51:249] nttcnp: getting sockname
    [03-MAY-2004 21:05:51:249] nttcnr: waiting to accept a connection.
    [03-MAY-2004 21:05:51:250] nttcnr: getting sockname
    [03-MAY-2004 21:05:51:250] nttcnr: connected on ipaddr
    [03-MAY-2004 21:05:51:250] nttvlser: valid node check on incoming node
    [03-MAY-2004 21:05:51:250] nttvlser: Accepted Entry:
    [03-MAY-2004 21:05:51:250] nttcon: set TCP_NODELAY on 47
    [03-MAY-2004 21:05:51:250] nsopen: transport is open
    [03-MAY-2004 21:05:51:251] nsnainit: inf->nsinfflg[0]: 0xd inf->nsinfflg[1]: 0xd
    [03-MAY-2004 21:05:51:251] nsopen: global context check-in (to slot 37) complete
    [03-MAY-2004 21:05:51:251] nsanswer: deferring connect attempt; at stage 5
    [03-MAY-2004 21:05:51:252] nscon: doing connect handshake...
    [03-MAY-2004 21:05:51:252] nscon: got NSPTCN packet
    [03-MAY-2004 21:05:51:252] nsevdansw: exit
    [03-MAY-2004 21:05:51:252] nsbeqaddr: connecting...
    [03-MAY-2004 21:05:51:254] sntpcall: detaching from parent with additional fork
    [03-MAY-2004 21:05:51:334] sntpcall: result string is NTP0 16383

    Some times I found "detaching" & in some places "complete" on "handshake".

    lsnrctl - services shows:

    Instance "db01", status READY, has 2 handler(s) for this service...
    "D001" established:1279 refused:9 current:84 max:972 state:ready
    DISPATCHER <machine: sol8srv01, pid: 5689>
    (ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)(HOST=sol8srv01)(PORT=36504 ))
    "DEDICATED" established:914 refused:0 state:ready

    This shows refused = 9 now.
    Please advice me how to read the listener.trc. What is wrong over here?


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