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    Unanswered: Data Access Page - Newbie

    I am trying to make a Data Access Page to put on an Intranet. I want a textbox where users enter a reference number (primary key of the underlying table), they click a button, then the data (6 fields) for that record ONLY is displayed.

    If this were a form I would put some VBA code in the On_Click sub for the button but I am lost on the data access page. There is no "onclick" in the properties for the commandbutton and even if there were it doesn't look like I can use VBA.

    Seems simple but I could use a little direction if someone would be so kind.


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    Well it's not exactly data access pages, but it's a step beyond that - regular ASP pages. An advantage with regular ASP pages is that every user doesn't need client-side access to the database - just the server itself needs the access to the database.

    And since no one else answered in the past few days here's what you might find useful for your simple situation:

    For a "quick and dirty" generic ASP open source solution to putting databases on the Web that just requires setting up a configuration page for each table or query and uploading the database to the Web as long as there is an autonumber field in each table (and you'll probably also separately want to create login capabilities), perhaps try something like this:
    GenericDB by Eli Robillard and then click on the Tips link to see an example
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