here is an email i got from a user. this is access 2002. this is intermittent and i am not at this users site. so i cannot actually see what leads up to it. i was hoping someone here may have run into the same thing. this has happens once or twice a month. the get "undefined database format before this and that is why she is attempting to repair it.

I had to call him for help because the .ldb file wouldn't go away so I could repair it.

I don't know if this is relevant, but in case it is - When I couldn't repair it on the first try I opened the .ldb file in Word. It showed 5 instances of me as a user, and most of my colleagues showed as 2 instances. I only had the front end and back end open before the error, which I would think would mean only 2 instances. Except for Melissa who was merging, the others should only have one instance open.