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    Unanswered: Event Handling Problem !! Please Help !!

    Hi All,

    I am working on a Ms Access application which is being developed using MS Access forms.
    Currently i am facing a very unique problem with parent and child form heirarchy.
    The main problem we are facing is data reflection i.e.,if the data is changed in one of
    (for ex:- a text box), the form it should automatically reflect on the other form containing similar field and
    should be simultaneous, without affecting the changes we have made in the application and
    shouldn't create multiple entries in the backend database.

    We have tried possible solutions like implementing refresh and recalc methods but still
    they are creating multiple entries in the database.

    To try out, we developed a simple form, in which we have embedded a command button through
    which a seperate screen will popup displaying the values in the database. But we are unable to
    fetch the records according to the primary key.(The query which we are using displays the records
    perfectly but the problem is only with linking??)

    Last but not the least, why isn't there any hyperlink property in MS Access 97 as compared to
    MS Access 2000 ? Is there any alternative to overcome the linking problem.

    Also are there any compatibilty issues between MS Access 97 frontend and SQL Server 2000 backend?
    Is there any way to have 'tab level security' for MS Access 97 forms ?

    Thanks & Regards,

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    You are asking many questions in one post. About the master/detail forms, if the detail form is a subform, did you set it's Child/master link properties?

    About the popup form, are you using a parameterized query? How are you restricting the data on opening the popup? Are you restricting the data in the query or in the form open command?

    I used the Hyperlink property in access 97 to launch html pages either on the internet or on the local machine. This property is part of the button or text box on the form.

    The most important incompatibilities between access and sql server are documented in the sql manual and online help. I don't remember any specifics. You may want to put this into a separate post.

    How do you define tab level security? Again, a separate post may get more focused feedback.

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