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    Exclamation Unanswered: Could anyone help? SQL2000 backup error

    Database: SQL2000
    OS: Windows 2000 SP4
    Backup device: local hard disk (E Drive)

    When I backup the database I got this error: BackupMedium::ReportIoError: write failure on backup device 'E:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL\BACKUP\5WavesDB'. Operating system error 112(There is not enough space on the disk.).

    My backup file only needs 4G and my E Drive has 13G free. My log files has been set to "growth automatically". Does anyone help to give some advise on this. Thank you for any help.
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    you'd get this error if your data and log device sizes exceed 13g. try to shrink your log device(-s). if this operation does not result in a smaller log device size check for open trans in your database.

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    Have you ran chkdsk on this disk? If you really have 13g free it shouldn't be an issue.
    Just as an fyi, if you are not doing transaction log backups you need to set your recovery mode to Simple on your databases. Otherwise, your transaction logs will get huge.
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