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    Unanswered: Notification of New entry

    Is there a way to have an access DB have a popup or something to let you know that a new entry has been added to the DB?


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    there's no A function that i'm aware of.

    you could do it manually - the first question is when to check:

    how frequently are records added and how quickly do you want to know about it? i guess A's millisecond timer is overkill, so then you are reduced to finding a regularly occuring event in your code that you can use to run a check. likely candidates could be:
    _current() of the switchboard (if you use the ghastly things)
    _unload() of a form the user is using to read a current doc
    or something similar

    then there is the question of how to check for new records.

    using brute force you could get a record count but this is not very elegant and may not work if you have deletions & additions.

    how about a one-field (long) one-record table... the "version" of the db. increment the long each time a record is saved, save the long in users memory and check memory vs table.

    or do you already have a table with the users in it? maybe you could add a yes/no to it: new record sets False for all users, and your regular check sets True for the individual user when he reads your msgbox.

    currently using SS 2008R2

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