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    Unanswered: Expression builder

    Hi all,
    I have a report that listed names.
    My target is to persent each family by another collor.
    Generally I have a problem to use expression builfder. when I write certain expression in the control source I get in the forn # Name.
    What is the problem,and how I can solve my problem of the colors.
    Note: the familes are sorted according the first two letter which present each family.
    e.g: WH*,XY*,RT*,...

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    You are getting #Name because the control source property has an invalid entry. Is your report based on a table or a query? If a query, does all data appear properly in the query? If so, just use the column name from the query.

    Are you trying to manipulate the data on the report? Can you do this in the query instead? Get the query data looking exactly how you want it to appear on the report. This will solve many #Name problems.

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