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    Unanswered: Where is Linux Gone

    Hi freinds

    I was having dual booting on mine machine . Windows 98 on DOS partition
    and linux on non dos. At the time of startup system used to ask where to enter (Linux or Windows). But fdrom past 2 days i m unable to see that screen. Windows 98 gets loaded as soon as I start mine system. Is this problem of master boot record. Is there any way out so that i can view that screen and load linux. I jus cant enter into linux. ANy helps ??

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    Cool Linux Still reside on the hard disk

    probably you try to install again windows over windows, or enter the FixMbr utility for the scandisk, so that's no the important point, you may have a boot disk, with this boot disk you enter to the linux in Parachute mode, and enter the following command.

    1) lilo in case of a version prior the 8.0 of RedHat
    2) grub-install in case of 8.0 or greater.

    May you have another distribution of linux, or the command line is not very easy to you, I recommend to insre your install disk again, and simply say:
    ( ) Upgrade option
    and select
    ( ) Select Individual packages to upgrade
    ang choose the games package.

    When the "installation process" over, you may configure again the MBR and the Lilo or GRUB screen.

    I hope this may help you.
    If you have another especific question of linux, plase visit
    you may post in english languaje as well.

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