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    Exclamation Unanswered: How to stop empty fields from Printing?

    I would like to print a list of invoice, but if the fields are empty, I do not want the items to be printed.

    Borders are still required.

    I had tried the sliding option, but if the field is not empty, the printout is ugly as the text will look squeezed and cramped. So i'm looking to see if there are any other ways to do it?


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    Hello muffysugar,
    It's a bit hard to follow what you mean beacuase on the one hand you are asking about *not* printing empty fields, but then you say 'borders are still required'.

    I would have thought that an empty field is nothing but a border, so if borders are still required, what exactly is it that you don't want to print?

    Notwithstanding that, it may be that the solution you are looking for is to omit those records in the list that have empty fields, prior to generating the printed copy. If that would help, you could script the print process and add a few steps (eg a find) prior to the print step, to ensure that records with empty fields on them are not included.
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