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    Unanswered: Getting the PropertyAttributesEnum value in ADO


    Im hoping to be able to find out wether a field in a table is required to have a value. I found about the "PropertyAttributesEnum" for ADO here:

    Problem is, I dont know how to retrieve this value. I know how to loop through all fields, in fact Im allready doing this to get names etc like this:

    For Each X in getall.Fields

    ' Code


    Also, if anyone knows how to retrieve the default value, I'd be grateful.

    Thanks a lot

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    Which property are you looking for? Here is a general way of searching the properties in an ADO recordset (replace "Transaction DDL" with the property you are looking for).

    For iCounter = 0 To rsSCIROCCO.Properties.Count - 1
    If StrComp(rsSCIROCCO.Properties(iCounter).Name, "Transaction DDL") = 0 Then
    MsgBox "property found"
    Exit For
    End If
    Next iCounter

    Once you have the property position you can see its value like this

    MsgBox rsSCIROCCO.Properties(iCounter).Value

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    Sorry, I have realised now that that is not what I was looking for (the PropertyAttributesEnum) because that is not to do with fields. What I was basically looking for was a way to loop through each field, and find out wether a value is required in that field. Been searching and trying for ages yesterday though and I drew the conclusion that to the best of my knowledge, it can't be done.


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