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    Unanswered: Query? Please Help

    Yay its me Newbie Booby again

    lte me thank everyone thats tried to help me..

    I have one last Question..................(for now)


    I want to do a Query on a field from my form (Suburb)

    so in Query where it says Criteria what shall i type

    and do i need to set up a relationship..

    Hope you can help or throw me some ideas..

    wish there was a MS Word forum. so then i good help people

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    If you want to select from your field Suburbs you type some of the following


    That will produce all the records where the suburb is hurstville


    That will produce all the records where the suburb names ends with ville

    "Hursville" or "Kingsgrove" will produce all the records that contain either Hurstville or Kingsgrove

    "S*" will produce every record where the suburb name starts with S.

    That should keep you busy for a while


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    Could you please describe your table structures and what data do you want to extract from them?

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    Red face thanks for asking

    i have a form page with fields like "name" "address" "suburb" e.t.c that the user fills in and it automacally stores in the table (Table1)

    I have another table of Drivers "name" "area code" "suburb" "mobile number". e.t.c

    when the user enters in the form of a order i have a command button that runs a query. What i want it to do is to sort through the drivers list and show the details of the driver from the suburb entered into the form.

    my query button works but shows the whole list of drivers. instead i need to show the whole record of just one of the drivers that work in the suburb that was entered into the form

    i just need the code to put into criteria "that says [suburb]!form1" or something like that.

    thanks for your time again

    Jessy xxx

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    Angry anyone know?

    am i making sense?

    what do i type in critera to bring up a certain record based on text from a form.


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    two questions away from the answer:

    stored access query or strSQL from code?

    code is running in the same form that has the text box (Me!)? or a subform of it? or where?

    currently using SS 2008R2

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    i did it

    i worked it out

    [Forms]![Form name ]![Field Name]

    thats all i wanted to know.

    hope this helps out somone else

    if only they had a MS Word Forum. then i could help people

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