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    Red face Unanswered: chunk creation

    Hi.. i'm new in informix field.
    my dbspace almost full and i almost running out of chunks.
    i just added new harddisk 20GB, and i already create few pv
    my step are ;
    1. create pv
    2. create vg and add the pv to the vg
    3. i have doubt in the next step.. should i create the lv ?? i need 2 GB chunk each.
    anyone can help me ? thanks

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    Since you are creating PV, and VG's, I'll assume you are on an operating system like AIX. Yes, create 2gb logical volumes. Then change the ownership and group permissions to Informix (both on the logical volume and it's raw device equivalent.)

    When you create the chunk, you point to the raw device, either directly (not a good idea) or through a link.
    Fred Prose

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