Daffodil Software Limited announces the release of Daffodil DB v3.1 with several improved and enhanced features. Daffodil DB v3.1 is a sequel of v3.0. It is the most Feature-rich, standards compliant, and platform independent 100% Java RDBMS with ODBC support.

The improved and enhanced features of Daffodil DB enlist ‘Backward Compatibility’ with older versions v2.4, 2.5 and 3.0, Performance Optimization due to the changes incorporated in the locking and index handling mechanism as well as by reducing the startup and connection time, which is inherited from v3.0. It also inherits various exclusive features like full-Text Search support and support for invoking External Java Methods from Daffodil DB v3.0.

Daffodil DB v3.1 provides its users the benefit of utilizing seamless features like Import and Export of databases, Backup and Restoration of data, transparency, smaller downloadable size, flexibility, XA-Compliance to list a few.

This version comes with an additional support of Daffodil DB ODBC Driver v1.1, which is developed by Daffodil Software Limited targeting a large community of Daffodil DB users giving them ease for integrating Daffodil DB with their applications developed in languages other than Java as well.

To download an evaluation copy of Daffodil DB v3.1, click on www.daffodildb.com.

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